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By November 22, 2004

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Oxford historian and horseman Robin Lane Fox on locale (Jaap Buitendiijk, courtesy Time Warner) Oxford historian and horseman Robin Lane Fox on locale (Jaap Buitendiijk, courtesy Time Warner) Alexander the Great the Movie Site

Alexander the Great Site Highlights
Maps Showing the Route of Alexander
Alexander Timeline
Alexander's First Great Victory

Alexander the Great - Internet News
The links between ĎAlexanderí and Bush":
"Although he didnít intend 'Alexander' as political commentary, even Stone agrees that people will see parallels."

Review 'ALEXANDER' GETS STONED TO DEATH': The subtitle says it all:
Director skips huge chunks of vivid history to tell a boring story of the legendary Macedonian conqueror.
Tim Spalding's Review of Alexander
[Macedonian vs. Greek] Patriot Games
Alexander Movie Review
From 'Alexander' the Less Than Great
"There is much in "Alexander" to relish. But Stone could easily trim 20 minutes to good effect. It's better than "Troy," though both of these tales of ancient time resonate with our current climate - war, arrogant rulers, Eastern empires, pleas for peace and the need to dominate."

Did Alexander die of West Nile Virus?
Tim Spalding's Alexander the Movie Site

Alexander the Great's Bisexuality
Hephaestion, Alexander's lifelong friend and possibly gay lover, is played by Jared Leto. (Thanks to Rogueclassicism for the following 2 links.) From the New York Post online, read: Light In the Sandals and a Roliing Stone interview with Oliver Stone.
On a related topic, Angry Greeks Deny Alexander the Great Was Bisexual: A Greek group, outraged at the idea that Alexander might be bisexual, has demanded that Oliver Stone post a notice that the movie is fiction. More on the topic: New 'Alexander' Movie Under Fire for Sexual Portrait.

People in the Life of Alexander the Great
Roxane was Alexander the Great's first wife. Rosario Dawson plays Roxane in the Alexander movie. Her killer is played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.
Ptolemy Soter is played by Anthony Hopkins.
Olympias, Alexander's mother, is played by Angelina Jolie.
Val Kilmer plays Alexander's father, Philip II of Macedon.
Christopher Plummer plays Aristotle.

Alexander the Great Movie Poll
After all the hype, I am really looking forward to November 24 when I will see the Colin Farrell as Alexander movie on its opening day. How about you? Will you see it? Post in the Movie Poll. What do you expect from it?

Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great
Robin Lane Fox (historical advisor who plays a non-speaking front line horseman in the movie)
Alexander the Great Biography
Steven Pressfield's Biography of Alexander: The Virtues of War
Alexander the Great Quotes
Alexander the Great Resources

In an Archaeology Magazine online interview about his role in the Oliver Stone Alexander movie starring Colin Farrell, Robin Lane Fox (who teaches classics and ancient history at the University of Oxford's New College) says:

" I was not only 'on set.' In Morocco's desert, for the Gaugamela battle, and in Thailand's jungle, for the elephant battle, I was charging on camera on horseback with Colin and the stars in the front line--galloping for my king, with a long lance and no stirrups. As well as those weeks in the field, I was at Shepperton and at Pinewood [studios]. Oliver always had questions or new ideas, running them at me too all the while. I do not believe any other historical adviser has ever had such a role in a film."

Archaeology Magazine Interview


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