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Perseus, the founder of Mycenae, was a great Greek hero best known for decapitating the Gorgon Medusa -- the female creature whose head turned men into stone.
Perseus was also one of those children about whom an oracle was consulted around the time of his birth. Perseus' grandfather Acrisius learned from the oracle that his grandson would cause his death. (Incidentally, Paris -- source of the trouble over Helen of Troy -- was another such predicted disaster, as was Oedipus.)
Humans in legend vainly try to thwart unpropitious oracles. Acrisius was no different. Even though Acrisius' daughter Danae had been impregnated by the king of the gods, Zeus, Acrisius still sought to get rid of the newborn.

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or read How Perseus and his mother came to Seriphos, by Charles Kingsley.God of the Day
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