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The Nickname 'Lefty' - Scaevola

By June 24, 2006

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ScaevolaDuring the mostly legendary period of Rome, after the Romans ejected their last king, an Etruscan (Tarquin), the Etruscan king (Lars Porsenna) made attempts to conquer Rome. Horatius Cocles was a famous, brave Roman who single-handedly fought Etruscans on a bridge over the Janiculum, as his compatriots destroyed the bridge behind him to keep the Etruscans out. The next famous man to stand up to Lars Porsena was right-handed, but his bravery changed that. Read more about Scaevola.

Horatius, by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859)

Lars Porsena of Clusium, by the Nine Gods he swore
That the great house of Tarquin should suffer wrong no more.
By the Nine Gods he swore it, and named a trysting day,
And bade his messengers ride forth,
East and West and South and North,
To summon his array....
Horatius poem continues...

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