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N.S. Gill

Life of Jews at the Time of Jesus

By November 26, 2010

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 Detail of the Arch of Titus, depicting Romans taking spoils from Jerusalem by Tom Elliott (1988)
Cynthia Astle, contributing writer for the Ancient / Classical History site on the topic of Biblical History, has written two new articles on the topic of how Jews at the time of Jesus lived:
  1. How the Jews Lived in Jesus' Time: Diversity, Common Practices, and Revolt in the Lives of Jews describes the laws of Kashrut and the importance of the temple.
  2. Finding Biblical History in the New Testament: Looking Through a Different Lens for History in the New Testament looks at what hidden elements may lie behind a Gospel story about Jesus driving out demons.

Photo: Published by Institute for the Study of the Ancient World as part of the Ancient World Image Bank

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