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Myth Monday - Pandora's Box

By September 17, 2012

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Pandora (1861), by Pierre Loison (1816-1886).
Pandora (1861), by Pierre Owner: Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons

This past week a fair number of people searched my site for "Pandora's Box." While it was one of the stories I heard often as a kind of moral lesson for a preschooler, and it may be one students learn early in the school year, there is another reason for the popularity of the term. Television and to a lesser extent the news have been calling attention to the term. In a TV show called "Big Brother 14," a Pandora's box will be opened. My fellow fans of "Doctor Who" will remember the variation on the box known as the Pandorica. In the news, I found an article with the term in the title, Shakeel Afridi's interview to Fox opens Pandora's box.

For all you who don't know what the term "Pandora's Box" refers to, I'd like to suggest you read the story in one of the following forms:

Also see the supposed, fundamental difference between ancient Athenian males and females in Children of Athena (Review) that the story of Pandora illustrates.

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