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Myth Monday - How Well Do You Know Athena?

By November 19, 2012

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Peaceable Athena Statue at the Louvre
Athena Statue at Owner: CC Flickr user AZAdam Alt: Peaceable Athena Statue at the Louvre

Athena is probably the favorite Greek goddess among today's western women. This puzzles me, although I do understand that her supreme competency has much to do with it. I wonder how much people who admire her know about her.

This week's Myth Monday challenges you to determine how much you actually realize about the goddess.

There are no scores, just a series of questions and links to other pages where you can verify your answers.

  1. Question: What happened to Arachne?

    Answer: Athena and Arachne

  2. Question: On which side was Athena in the Trojan War?

    Answer: See Major Figures in the Iliad.

  3. Question: Which human form did Athena take when she initially appeared to Telemachus?

    Answer: Telemachus in the Odyssey

  4. Question: What is the connection between Athena and the Abduction of Persephone?

    Answer at l. 415 of Homeric Hymn to Demeter II, where Pallas refers to Athena.

  5. Question: Why IS it Pallas or Pallas Athena?

    Answer: Why Pallas Athena?

  6. Question: How can a virgin goddess have a son? Extra credit: Who is the father?

    Answer: Athena Profile - scroll down for A Son for a Virgin Goddess.

  7. Question: Whom did Athena get to babysit her son?

    Answer: Athena and the First King(s) of Athens, scroll down to "But back to Athens...."

  8. Question: What is the connection between Athena and the flayed-Marsyas?

    Answer: Apollo and Marsyas

  9. Question: What were the circumstances in which Athena decided mothers were less important than fathers?

    Answer: Orestes

  10. Question: Why did Athena disfigure Medusa?

    Answer: Medusa

How did you do? Any surprises? Please post in the comments.

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