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Myth Monday - Requests

By December 10, 2012

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Osiris and Horus
Horus and Osiris
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I plan to streamline Myth Monday next year. In the meantime, for the remaining weeks of the year I intend to respond to Myth Monday requests. On Facebook I requested suggestions and have received two. One was for information on the story of Osiris. The other was for seasonal/solstice/New Year's content. Today I'll point you to information on the story of Isis and Osiris. Please post your Myth Monday topic suggestions in the comments. No guarantees, but if feasible....

According to "Book of the Dead Chapter 5 Thoth and Osiris," from E. A. Wallis Budge, Isis and Osiris were married, ruling over the Egyptians, when Osiris' brother Set took sibling rivalry to the extreme, killing Osiris. Isis, using magic, revived her husband temporarily, but long enough to get pregnant. She gave birth to Horus who grew to maturity before taking revenge on his father's killer. Set didn't lose without a fight, though, but plucked out one of Horus' eyes.

Other details of the story include death coming to the Egyptians for the first time when Osiris was killed and Set cutting up the body of his brother into 14 pieces and scattering them in the Nile. Isis hunted high and low for them, re-gathering 13 of them. Unfortunately, the last had been devoured. Then she buried Osisris in a secret place from which he could rule over the dead.

If you would like to add further details, please do, in the comments. Thank you.

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