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Possible Date for the Death of Crassus

By November 21, 2013

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On This Day in History: November 21

On this day in 53 B.C. Marcus Licinius Crassus may have died. Crassus was a member of the first triumvirate, along with Pompey and Caesar. He was a wealthy man, but not as capable a military leader as Pompey or Caesar. However, it was largely through Crassus' efforts that the rebellion of Spartacus was put down in 71 B.C., even though Pompey took the credit.

In 53 B.C., Crassus was governor of Syria. He was attempting to earn glory for himself by invading Parthia, even though there was no justification for it. It was after the battle at Carrhae that Crassus was killed.

Read more about Crassus in Bingley's Biography of Crassus.



November 26, 2009 at 4:33 am
(1) Josef Landergott says:

Hello, Crassus´dying at November? Isn´t written, that he and his son Publius were massacred on 30. May (Jul. 9. 6.) at place named Sinnaka after they were crushed in battle near Karrhai (Carrhae, Kharran)? Landergott, Prague

November 26, 2009 at 9:00 am
(2) ancienthistory says:

Good point, since it would have been odd had Crassus started the battle in November, although it is said he died after the battle, which could mean anything, but would be unlikely to mean months down the line. The date in November is based on a comment from Cicero in his letters to Atticus, 4.13.2. I don’t, however, know why that is taken as a reference to his death. Mommsen dates the Battle of Carrhae to June.

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