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Latin - Classroom Fun
Guide picks
Latin is more than just literature and grammar. It is also fun and learning games.

Academic and Theme Crossword Creator
Java puzzle creator.

Brain Food Cryptogram Maker
This page can be used to create your own cryptograms. Enter some text and press the submit button, and the text will be encoded into a cryptogram. In general, the longer your text, the easier it will be to solve -- but don't make it too short, or it might be impossible!

Certamen Question Bank
Hundreds of certamen questions from the Maryland JCL.

Latin for Kids
A collection of children's books, in Latin, available for purchase.

Discovery School Puzzlemaker
Besides crosswords, site makes mazes, word searches, hidden messages, criss-crosses, double puzzles, cryptograms, letter tiles, fallen phrases and more.

Mosaic Making
Taken from Pyrrha's Roman Pages. Step-by-step process.

Roman Ball Games
The Romans played all sorts of ball games, among them handball, trigon, soccer, field hockey, catch - and many other games.

QUIA! Latin Activities
A set of activities created by Latin teachers for their students. Most activities require Java.

Personal Educational Press
Create flashcards, game boards, and quizzes.

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Roman Gardening
Pyrrha explains how to make a Roman garden.

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Roman Superstitions
Amusing Roman superstitions about various animals and herbs, and ways to obtain good luck.

Word Game of the Day
Play a new Merriam-Webster puzzle, in five different formats, every day. Visit the archives of past games. They're not as easy as they look,

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