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Legends of the Jews, by Louis Ginzberg

Bible Times and Characters from the Creation to Jacob


Creation to Jacob, by Louis Ginzberg.
Translated from the German manuscript by Henrietta Szold.

The Legends of the Jews
Volume I



I The Creation of the World

The First Things Created
The Alphabet
The First Day
The Second Day
The Third Day
The Fourth Day
The Fifth Day
The Sixth Day
All Things Praise the Lord

II Adam

Man and the World
The Angels and the Creation of Man
The Creation of Adam
The Soul of Man
The Ideal Man
The Fall of Satan
Adam and Eve in Paradise
The Fall of Man
The Punishment
Sabbath in Heaven
Adam's Repentance
The Book of Raziel
The Sickness of Adam
Eve's Story of the Fall
The Death of Adam
The Death of Eve

III The Ten Generations

The Birth of Cain
The Punishment of Cain
The Inhabitants of the Seven Earths
The Descendants of Cain
The Descendants of Adam and Lilith
Seth and His Descendants
The Fall of the Angels
Enoch, Ruler and Teacher
The Ascension of Enoch
The Translation of Enoch

IV Noah

The Birth of Noah
The Punishment of the Fallen Angels
The Generation of the Deluge
The Holy Book
The Inmates of the Ark
The Flood
Noah Leaves the Ark
The Curse of Drunkenness
Noah's Descendants Spread Abroad
The Depravity of Mankind
The Tower of Babel

V Abraham

The Wicked Generations
The Birth of Abraham
The Babe Proclaims God
Abraham's First Appearance in Public
The Preacher of the True Faith
In the Fiery Furnace
Abraham Emigrates to Haran
The Star in the East
The True Believer
The Iconoclast
Abraham in Canaan
His Sojourn in Egypt
The First Pharaoh
The War of the Kings
The Covenant of the Pieces
The Birth of Ishmael
The Visit of the Angels
The Cities of Sin
Abraham Pleads for the Sinners
The Destruction of the Sinful Cities
Among the Philistines
The Birth of Isaac
Ishmael Cast Off
The Two Wives of Ishmael
The Covenant with Abimelech
Satan Accuses Abraham
The Journey to Moriah
The Akedah
The Death and Burial of Sarah
Eliezer's Mission
The Wooing of Rebekah
The Last Years of Abraham
A Herald of Death
Abraham Views Earth and Heaven
The Patron of Hebron

VI Jacob

The Birth of Esau and Jacob
The Favorite of Abraham
The Sale of the Birthright
Isaac with the Philistines
Isaac Blesses Jacob
Esau's True Character Revealed
Jacob Leaves His Father's House
Jacob Pursued by Eliphaz and Esau
The Day of Miracles
Jacob with Laban
The Marriage of Jacob
The Birth of Jacob's Children
Jacob Flees before Laban
The Covenant with Laban
Jacob and Esau Prepare to Meet
Jacob Wrestles with the Angel
The Meeting between Esau and Jacob
The Outrage at Shechem
A War Frustrated
The War with the Ninevites
The War with the Amorites
Isaac Blesses Levi and Judah
Joy and Sorrow in the House of Jacob
Esau's Campaign against Jacob
The Descendants of Esau

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