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Book Review - "Troy" by Adele Geras
Guide Review
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Pros  • Breathes life into the Trojans.
• Innovative look at role of gods in man's affairs.
• Focus on usually ignored life in besieged city.
Cons  • Takes liberties with the mythology.
• Conquering Greeks improbably well behaved.
The Bottom Line - Troy is a young adult story about the affects of Aphrodite on the lives of young people who are otherwise constrained by the daily fighting and casualties of the Trojan War around them.

• Pespective of those behind the walls of Troy.
• Story of two fictitious girl orphans in the service of Helen and Andromache in King Priam's palace.
• Looks at the ramifications of Helen's extreme beauty on the men of the Trojan court.
Guide Review - Book Review - "Troy" by Adele Geras

No omniscient narrator, but teen sisters, Xanthe and Marpessa, in service to the Trojan palace, tell about the affects of the Greek siege and attack on their city. Xanthe tends the blood room (infirmary) while Marpessa privately communes with the gods and goddesses whose rivalries and passions started and continue to affect the outcome of the ten-year struggle known as the Trojan War.

Ultimately, a story from the Trojan perspective must end in sorrow. But despite the loss of the city of Troy, through trickery and the help of Aphrodite the future looks ... comfortable for our heroines.

A pleasing introduction to the major characters and events of the Trojan War, suitable for teens.
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 ~ N.S. Gill
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