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Odyssey Book I Names

Names and Places in the Odyssey Book I


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  • Aegisthus [Son of Thyestes. Cousin of Agamemnon. Rules Mycenae for seven years and is then killed by Orestes.]
  • Agamemnon [Tantalus' grandson, son of Atreus, husband of Clytemnestra, father of Orestes, Chrysothemis, Laodice, and Iphianassa. King of Mycenae and the Argives.]
  • Antinous [Son of Eupeithes, the most insolent suitor.]
  • Calypso ["The concealer." Daughter of Atlas, a goddess who lives in Ogygia where she detains Odysseus for seven years.]
  • Cyclops [Lawless race of giants.]
  • Doulichion ["Long land." An island in the Ionian Sea.]
  • Ephyra [Residence of Augeas, city in northern Elis.]
  • Eupeithes [Antinous was the son of Eupeithes and leader of the suitors.]
  • Eurymachus [Son of Polybus; suitor from Ithaca.]
  • Helios [Sun god. Father of Circe and of Phaethusa and Lampetie.]
  • Hermes Argeiphontes [Title for Hermes, the messenger god.]
  • Ilos [Son of Tros, founder of Laomedon; son of Mermeros of Ephyra.]
  • Ithaca [Odysseus' rocky, island kingdom]
  • Laertes [Son of Arceisius; aged father of Odysseus.]
  • Menelaus [Son of Atreus, brother of Agamemnon, and husband of Helen. King of Lacedaemon. Wanders 8 years before returning home after the Trojan War.]
  • Mentes [Son of Anchialus, king of the Taphians, in whose guise Athena visits Telemachus.]
  • Mentor [(Book II) Friend of Odysseus left in charge in Ithaca when Odysseus left.]
  • Mermeros [A Mysian, slain by Antilochus (son of Nestor).]
  • Muse [Nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who inspire bards.]
  • Nestor [Old king of Pylos, son of Neleus and Choris.]
  • Ogygia [Calypso, the daughter of Atlas lived on the island of Ogygia.]
  • Ops Euryclea (daughter of Ops) is the old nurse of Odysseus and Telemachus.]
  • Orestes [Son of Agamemnon who returns from Athens to Mycenae and slays Aegisthus after he's ruled for 8 years.]
  • Penelope [(Book II) Wife of Odysseus.]
  • Pisenor [Father of Ops.]
  • Phemius [Son of Terpis, a bard from Ithaca.]
  • Phorcys [Old man of the sea, father of Thousa.]
  • Polybus [Son of Antenor.]
  • Polyphemus [Cyclops son of Poseidon and the nymph Thousa.]
  • Pylos [Nestor was the son of Neleus; aged king of Pylos, returned from Troy.]
  • Same [Ctesippus, the son of Polytherses, was a suitor from Same, an island near Ithaca.]
  • Thousa [Nymph daughter of Phorcys; mother of Polyphemus.]
  • Zakynthus [Island in Odysseus' realm which is south of Same.]

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