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Latin Poets
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Latin poets and Latin playwrights. Catullus - Ennius - Horace - Juvenal - Lucan - Ovid - Persius - Plautus - Propertius - Sulpicia - Vergil.
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Latin Poetry - Catullus
Gaius Valerius Catullus, from Verona (c. 84 - c.54 B.C.), is considered the finest Roman lyric poet despite his frequent scurrilous invective.

Latin Poetry - Ennius
Quintus Ennius (239-169 B.C.), the founder of Roman literature, was an epic poet, dramatist, and satirist. His epic Annales, the story of Rome from Aeneas until Ennius' day, was the national epic until Vergil's Aeneid replaced it.

Latin Poetry - Horace
Resources on the Roman poet Horace. Horace wrote Odes, Epodes, letters (epistulae), the Ars Poetica, and satires (sermones).

Latin Poetry - Juvenal
Resources on the ancient satirist Juvenal about whose life we know virtually nothing except that he probably wrote between A.D. 100 and 120.

Latin Poetry - Lucan
Lucan. The poetry of the Silver Age Roman poet Lucan.

Latin Poetry - Ovid
Prolific Augustan poet, author of the Metamorphoses, Art of Love, the Amores, Remedia Amoris, Ex Pontia, Tristia, and Fasti.

Petronius Arbiter - Satyricon
Public domain English translation of the Satyricon by Petronius Arbiter. Petronius Arbiter' Satyricon is an example of Menippean Satire.

Latin Playwright - Plautus
Resources on the famous Roman playwright who wrote comedies in Latin based on Greek originals -- Plautus.

Latin Poetry - Propertius
Sextus Propertius (c.50 - c.16 B.C.) was a Roman elegiac poet in Maecenas' circle.

Latin Poetry - Sulpicia
The only woman whose Classical Latin poetry has survived, and that as part of the corpus of Tibullus.

Latin Poetry - Tibullus
Roman elegiac poet, friend of Horace, and favored by Quintilian, some of whose work is now attributed to the woman Sulpicia.

Latin Poetry - Vergil
Publius Vergilius Maro was born October 15, 70 B.C. Vergil's magnum opus, Aeneid, was saved from the flames (despite its author's dying request) and has served as a model of literature ever since. He also wrote the Georgics and Eclogues.

Maecenas - Patron of Poets
Maecenas. Information on the Augustan patron of Vergil and Horace, among others, Gaius Maecenas.

Classical Writers - Intro
A brief introduction to classical genres and a list of classical writers represented on this site.

Roman Verse Satire
William J. Dominik and William T. Wehrle in Roman Verse Satire: Lucilius to Juvenal, describe the satire of Lucilius, Horace, Juvenal, and Persius.

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