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Rome Historical Atlas

Maps of Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire


Gallery of Rome and Roman Empire Maps Gallery
Rome spread from a single settlement on the Tiber. First it spread to the surrounding territory, then all of Italy, and then most of western Europe, north Africa, Greece, and Asia Minor. This gallery shows maps of Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire and are in the public domain.

More Maps of Rome and the Roman Empire

  • AD 1 to 1000: Political Maps of Europe
    Maps from A.D. 1-1000 showing political boundary changes for each century.
  • Eastern Empire
    Detailed (includes major cities and rivers) map of the Eastern Empire in A.D. 395, showing Egypt, Dacia, Macedonia, Asia, Pontus, Aegyptus, and Orientis.
  • The Geography of Roman Gaul
    Sites and peoples relating to Roman Gaul. The places include both ancient names and modern archaeological sites (including villas, cemeteries, aqueducts, and so on).
  • Some Maps of the Roman Empire
    Lists ancient and modern equivalents of scores of places in the Roman Empire.
  • The Roman Empire
    Map of the Roman Empire at its largest extent.
  • The Roman Empire, A.D. 500
    Frank Smitha's map of the Roman Empire after the western half had fallen.
  • Tabula Peutingeriana
    Monograph on a 1st century A.D. cartogram by Castorius showing the roadways of the Roman empire.

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