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K-12 Myth - Mythology for Kids
Guide picks
Mythology for Kids. Pages with introductory information on the myths and legends from antiquity, with a focus on the Greco-Roman myths featuring legendary heroes and Olympian gods and goddesses.

Myth Index
From your Guide. Lists of gods, encyclopedias, and entries on individual gods and goddesses from the mythologies of the world.

Olympians: Emergence
From your Guide. Part I of a series on the Greco-Roman pantheon, this feature explains the origins of the gods.

Buddhist Tales for Young and Old
Jakata tales that have been used for millennia (ever since and including the Buddha) to cultivate morality and good behavior.

Alphabetical list of monsters, heroes & deities, and lesson plans for Greek mythology.

A tale from India suitable for classroom use.

Pictures illustrating the Indian story.

Script for a play about an Indian tale first recorded in the Mahabharata 2000 years ago. Recommended grade levels : 4-9. 10 actors.

World Mythology: Myth by Image
24 slides with stories, backgrounds, and discussion questions. Includes Isis, Thoth, Nebuchadnezzar, Theseus, Orpheus, and Medusa. From Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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