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Etymology - Roots
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Etymology is the study of the meanings and roots of words. This etymology page focuses mainly on Latin and Greek origins of words, based on the parts and roots that are combined to form words.

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Etymology Dictionaries
Links to etymology dictionaries.

Etymology - English Words with Latin Prefixes
Creating words in English using prepositions from Latin as prefixes.

Etymology of Geometry Terms
Geometry terms can be baffling, but if you know the roots, the concepts may make more sense.

Geometry Terms
A few geometric terms with their Greek and Latin roots and meanings.

Greek Numbers
Some Greek cardinal numbers, adverbs and prefixes.

Latin Numbers
Latin cardinal numbers 1-10, plus 100, and numbers by the hundred to 1000 (mille).

A Little Etymology
An introduction to Latin and Greek roots, suffixes, and prefixes, by the Ancient History guide, N.S. Gill.

Plant Names - Flowering Parts
Meaning of plant names based on the flowering part of plants.

Anatomy, fine arts, legal/genealogy, life sciences, medical-dental, military, and miscellaneous terminology and mottoes.

"Words and Ideas"
Review of "Words and Ideas," by William J. Dominik, a course-in-a-book in word building and etymology as well as classical culture.

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