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Schools' Pages
Guide picks
Pages by classics/history classes at various elementary and secondary schools as well as pages produced specifically for use in such classes.

Kids and Family
Aesop's Fables, Indian stories, bibliography, Hammurabi, children's roles, Women's Education, Tyrian Purple, Ancient Civilizations Tour, Roman numeration, Solstice activities, and maps.

Ancient Mesopotamia
Marcia Snyder, Pennsylvania Junior High teacher, has created a page with vocabulary and activities to help students or teachers learn the basics.

The Children's Gallery
Lovely 6th grade drawings on Ancient Egyptian topics: Anubis, Taurt, pharaoh, village, scarab, clothing, pyramid, eye of Horus, and Egyptian with a Coke (original formula).

Daily Life in Ancient China
Includes Who's Who in Ancient China and synopses of the three doctrines: Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism & Winnie the Pooh.

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
Another of the Mr. Donn pages, this one includes tall tales from Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer, trivia, and an original story.

Daily Life in Ancient India
Indian historian Sudheer Birodkar helped the Donns on this page which is divided into three parts (Indus, Aryan, and Empires) and full of the tidbits that flavor daily life.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome
What was it like to live and grow up in Ancient Rome? This page provides concrete details about many facets of daily life.

Lesson Plan: Indus Valley
Scroll down for the story about life in and around Mohenjo-Daro, written by Joyce and David Mollet, for grade schoolers. Includes glossary.

Unit 1 Calendar
School activities for Ancient History to go along with an 81-day calendar of 90-minute block classes.

List of words from the Discovery Channel on various topics in Ancient History: Akhenaten, Alexander, Rome, sky watchers, Cleopatra, Atlantis, mummies, Hatshepsut, King Tut, pyramids, Ramses, seven wonders, and Senefru. The lists are designed for us in the puzzles you can create on the site.

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