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Artemis Quiz

The Greek Goddess of the Hunt

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Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, shown with a quiver, bow and arrow, frequently accompanied by a deer. She was a loyal goddess and protector of the young, whether human or animal. She was also a virgin goddess and held that quality in great respect. At some point she became associated with the witch goddess Hecate and Selene, the moon goddess (Titan). Here are some questions about her, mostly about the people who crossed her in one way or another.

1. What did Artemis do to Actaeon?
Asked him to join her in her bath.
Shot a plague arrow at him.
Turned him into a bear.
Turned him into a deer.

2. Which best describes Artemis' position on the Trojans vs the Greeks?
Had it in for the Greeks because of a long-standing grudge.
Had it in for the Trojans because of a long-standing grudge.
Supported her brother by opposing the Greeks.
Supported her brother by opposing the Trojans.

3. Whose lack of reverence led to the Calydonian Boar?

4. Which might have been the first baby Artemis helped deliver?

5. Artemis shoots Orion or sends a scorpion to do him in. Which reason, although plausible, is NOT a probable explanation for it?
Apollo is jealous and tricks Artemis into doing it.
He boasts he is a greater hunter than she is.
Orion offends Artemis' sense of modesty and decorum.
She is jealous of his affection for Eos.

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