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Roman Coins

5 Question Late Republic to Early Imperial Period Denarius Quiz
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1. Which does the EID Denarius commemorate?

The adoption of Augustus by Caesar
The assassination of Julius Caesar
The comet symbolizing Caesar's deification
The crossing of the Rubicon

2. Exergue can refer to...?

The libation vessel
The mint
The profile bust of a god on the reverse of a coin
The obverse

3. Where might Caesar have acquired the resources to pay his troops in 49 B.C.?

The temple of Ceres
The temple of Saturn
The Laurium (Laurion) silver mines
Spanish Silver mines

4. What symbol on his coinage did Augustus use to indicate the divinity of Julius Caesar?

A comet
A diadem
A temple

5. If you were looking at a Republican era Roman coin, which would allow you to date the coin to the last half of the first century B.C.?

A Portrait of Apollo
A Self-Portrait
A Temple
An Elephant

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