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Festivals of Light and Other Holiday Features

Mithraic Initiation Stages
The seven stages of the initiation into the rites of Mithras.

Celebrate the Saturnalia
Putting the ancient holiday of Saturnalia into your holiday celebrations. Also see Saturnalia resources.

Solstice Celebrations: Mithras and Chanukah
Mithras shares religious symbolism with Christianity and Chanukah shares little more than festive lights with Christmas.

Some Similarities Between Mithraism and Christianity
Similarities between Mithraism and Christianity.

Advent Calendar
Saints' days and birthdays of pious, brave or good men and women from early church history.

Solstice Celebrations
Fetivals of light: Zagmuk, Mithras-mas and Hanukah.

Dating the nativity
Is there any validity to December 25 as the date of Jesus' birth? It appears unlikely that Jesus was actually born on December 25 or even in midwinter.

Solstice Celebrations: Zagmuk and Saturnalia
Solstice season parties and gift giving began long before Christmas, among the Mesopotamians and Romans.

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