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Definition: In its heyday, Thessalonica was one of the great ports of the Mediterranean world, but the city of Thessalonica wasn't founded until 315 B.C., when Cassander (the son of Antipater and husband of Alexander's half-sister) was ruling Macedonia. At the time Philip II succeeded to the throne, Macedonia was still completely landlocked and had to depend on the goodwill of other cities for access to the sea. This put Macedonia at a grave commercial disadvantage, and Philip set out to rectify the situation by taking over first Amphipolis and then Pydna in 357 B.C. He then proceeded to extend his control over the Chalcidice peninsula by 348 BC. It was on the west side of this peninsula that Thessalonica was eventually founded over 30 years later.

Alternate Spellings: Thessaloniki, Saloniki

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