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4th Century B.C. Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome Timeline

Fourth Century

  • Blue dots = Events in Ancient Roman Timeline

  • Red dots = Events in Ancient Greek Timeline
  • Bronze Age Greece
    Dark Age Greece
    Archaic Age Greece


    In the table below, in the right column are links to pages on the Ancient / Classical History site related to the time periods listed on the left.

    [Fourth century timeline]
      390-380 B.C.

    390-389 B.C.: Taxes introduced in Athens (1/40th and war).
    390 or 387 B.C.: Battle of the Allia.
    387 B.C.: The planting of the first military or Latin colonies.
    386 B.C.: The Academy.
    385 B.C.: Battle of Mantinea.
    384-322 B.C.: Aristotle.
    382 B.C.: Spartans seize citadel of Thebes.
    381 B.C.: Defeat of Spartans at Olynthus.
    380 B.C.: King Cleombrotus of Sparta. Isocrates writes Panegyric for Olympic Games.


  • The Academy
  • Aristotle
  • Isocrates E-Texts
  • Pelopidas
  • Spartan Kings
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