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Whether it's childbirth or a timely death, Artemis can make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible, but if she's crossed, there's no predicting what her revenge will be.

333,000,000 Hindu Gods
A Supreme Being and a panentheistic religious philosophy characterize Hinduism.

What evidence is there that these women warriors actually lived?

Amazons and the Legendary Heroes
Hippolyte, Antiope, Melanipe, and Penthesilea.

Ancient Egypt: Deities
Which gods were the creators? The supreme gods? The judges of the dead?

Ancient Love Goddesses
Ancient love goddesses were not just divine figureheads women appealed to to make men fall in love with them, but deities about whom some of the most fascinating stories were written.

Ares - Mates
List of the mates and offspring of Ares.

Profile of the Greek god Ares.

Asclepius - Healing God
The son of Apollo healed mankind and defied Zeus by bringing mortals back from death. For this he was killed, but his children kept up the healing tradition.

Greek Mothers From Epic and Drama
Had it not been for the beauty of Helen, Hermione's mother, there would have been no Trojan War. Had it not been for their mothers, Jocasta and Clytemnestra, the heroes Oedipus and Orestes would have remained obscure. Mortal mothers of other legendary heroes had important (if lesser) roles in the ancient Greek epics of Homer and drama of the tragedians Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.

House of Thebes
Cadmus' line, the House of Thebes, was cursed not only by the gods but by the incestuous king Oedipus who set his two sons at each other's throats.

Cadmus, founder of Thebes, was not a Greek by birth, but a Phoenician who brought the alphabet to Boeotia where he started the Theban royal family, which included Oedipus, Antigone, Dionysus, Semele and Pentheus.

Creation Myths Cosmogonies
Stories from Genesis and Hesiod, as well as family stories recounted by children.

Why the Goddess of Agriculture created seasons.

Dionysus: The God a foolish mortal imprisoned
Revenge sought by the god on his and Cadmus' family.

Flood Myths
Stories from China, Rome, and Babylon point to a universal phenomenon.

The Goddess of Justice
A look at the Greek and Roman goddesses who make up our Ladies Justice and Liberty.

The three main stories featuring Hades -- with Heracles, Persephone, and Theseus.

Hercules 12 labors - Eurystheus
From the day they first saw the light, Hera pitted Hercules and Eurystheus (the king who tried to send the hero on twelve suicide missions) against one another.

Hercules' 12 Labors - The Sources
The twelve labors we associate with Hercules and Eurystheus may have been only nine, at one time, and Hercules may not have been performed them to atone for the crime of murdering his children. He may have done them to become a god.

Hermes, god of thieves, commerce, and birds of omen, invented fire, sacrifice, and the lyre which he gave to Apollo in exchange for the cattle he'd stolen.

House of Atreus
Before the Electra-Orestes-Agamemnon tragedies was a tale of woe that started with a feast prepared for the gods.

Mesopotamian Deities
Tables of major Canaanite, Sumerian, Hittite, and Babylonian-Assyrian deities.

The Jewish lawgiver who performed miracles on God's behalf.

The Roman festival and birthday celebration for the Phrygian Great Mother goddess included Roman toga-clad dramatic performances.

Myth Index
Individual gods and goddess, myths, legends, creation gods, solar and lunar dieties.

Myth vs. Legend
When you read a story about ancient heroes with gods in it, how can you tell whether it's a legend of a myth? Bingley tackles this question and the related issues of distinguishing myth from folk and fairy tale.

Norse Mythology: Creation
The nine worlds of Norse myth and how the world was created from the abyss called Ginungagap.

Norse Mythology: The Gods
The Scandinavian gods, goddesses, and the end of the world.

The Odyssey
Historical accuracy.

Odyssey Book XI: Nekuia
Odysseus is one of the few mortals able to make a return trip to the realm of Hades.

Odyssey I: A Goddess Intervenes
Athena takes advantage of Poseidon's absence to rally the other Olympians around the cause of returning Odysseus to Ithaca.

Odyssey II: Wily Penelope
A perfect match for her wily husband, suitor-thwarting Penelope is likened to a fox.

The Olympians: The Lesser Share (Continued)
Poseidon begot more trouble than he got into.

The Olympians: The Lesser Share
A trident and the ocean conferred limited power on Zeus' second-in-command.

The Olympians: A Goddess for Men
Without Athena's help Odysseus, Bellerophon, and Perseus would have failed and the Furies would still be harassing Orestes.

The Olympians: A Goddess for Men II
Athena may have helped heroes, but she wasn't so kind to women.

Philemon and Baucis
Jupiter was about to wipe out mankind because people seemed so completely evil and worthless to him, when he heard about a virtuous old couple named Philemon and Baucis.

Prometheus was the one who was given the job of creating man,and the one who fathered the Greek Noah.

The story of the pregnancy, death, and resurrection of Semele, the mother of the Greek god Dionysus, from the perspective of Nemesis.

Soul Mates
An adaptation of Aristophanes' speech on Love in Plato's Symposium.

The annual autumn harvest celebration for Athenian women honored Demeter and brought fertility to the fields.

Ovid's Metamorphoses' Tiresias
Tiresias lost his sight and gained his prophetic skills at the same time -- when he used his transgendering experiences to settle an argument between Jupiter and Juno.

The Story of the Trojan War
Summary of the sequence of the major events of the Trojan War.

Troy - A Novel, by Adele Geras
Young adult fiction about life inside the walls of Troy during the Trojan War, from the perspective of a girl who tends the wounded and another who communes with the gods and goddesses.

Uranus' Revenge: Rise of the Olympians
When Cronus butchered his father, he set in motion a sequence of revenge.

What is Myth?
Myths are stories shared by a group that are a part of their cultural identity. As such, they are important to understand when looking at the history of a people. There is no completely satisfactory definition of myth, although many of the world's greatest thinkers have provided partial answers. To help define myth, people often compare myth with science and religion. Usually, this comparison is unfavorable and myth is relegated to the area of lies.

Who Was Hercules?
Hercules, half madman, half savior, has fired the imagination of storytellers since Homer.

Who Really Launched 1000 ships
Aphrodite's role in the Trojan War

The Women and Children of Hercules
Mistresses and wives of Hercules, including Deianira, Megara, and Omphale.

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