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Pythagoras Astronomy and Music Links

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• Pythagoras
• Pythagoras Links
  • www.perseus.tufts.edu:80/GreekScience/Students/Ellen/EarlyGkAstronomy.html#RTFToC14 Early Greek Astronomy (Student Paper)
    The Pythagoreans first placed the divine instead of the earth in the center of the universe. An extra sphere was invented to bring the total number of concentric orbs to 10.
  • Pythagoras: Music and Space
    Reading about the harmonies is one thing. This site provides AV files to let you hear them. Also discusses the spatial relationship of the sounds, their connection with the universe, and the idea that the celestial spheres make music. This idea is based on a geocentric cosmos.
  • Scale
    Technical information on the ratios that produce harmony whose discovery is attributed to Pythagoras. [http://astsun.astro.virginia.edu/~eww6n/music/PythagoreanScale.html 08/05/04]
  • World according to Homer
    Accompanying slide shows what Homer thought the world looked like. This monograph explains that many continued to think this way even after the Pythagoreans had enunicated their spherical earth theory.

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