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You Are the Conqueror Alexander the Great

The Ancient Conquerors

Conquerors pursue their ends by military means, lives discarded ruthlessly. Only one of these conquerors seems to have felt remorse for this, but he wasn't the only conqueror who was reticent about war and its attendant rape, plunder, and pillage. Madness and megalomania weren't far off. These conquerors had to be themselves -- or have on staff -- competent tacticians. Their charisma or other means of persuasion made their soldiers loyal to them. Their men would lay down their lives, follow them to the ends of the earth or even fall off the edges, if so ordered. The conquerors are all colorful, complex characters, even the ones we know too little about. Some didn't consolidate the lands they ravaged, but those who succeeded in empire-building permanently changed world politics.

About Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was a son of Philip of Macedonia, according to most accounts, although Ammon might have been his father, too. Alexander took his gods seriously, as he did his job of getting revenge (for Persia's attacks on Greece). Whether or not this was excuse or true belief, we'll never know. We'll also probably never know what killed him. Although most of his time as king was spent conquering the known-world to the Indus River, he still had plenty of time for too much wine, too many women, and, not so much song, as mad or drunken behavior. His passions included his friend Hephaestion and his horse Bucephalus.

Since you are Alexander, friends love you almost as much as they fear you. You can be incredibly sympathetic, understanding, and insightful one moment, and completely nasty and mean the next. You would have no trouble firing people and would probably do a pretty good gate-keeping job when hiring, as well. Not that you should be in human resources: You might have trouble abiding by the company code of ethics and wind up in harrassment suits. Like the other conquerors, you need to be in charge. Handling a large, complicated, long-term, global project should be a piece of cake. Anything less would bore you to tears, which you wouldn't be afraid to shed publicly. You're not too concerned with the opinion others hold of you because you have a strong sense of who you are and your own morality. Mortality, on the other hand, is something you haven't come to grips with.

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