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August 21

ante diem XII Kalendas SEPT

Consualia - Festival to the store-bin of the harvest god celebrating the end of the harvest. The flamen Quirinalis was in charge. Consus was honored with sacrifice and burnt offerings of first fruits, and horse and chariot races. Livy's account of the Rape of the Sabine Women takes place on this day.

Romulus, disguising his resentment [over the fact that other cities wouldn't give his men the right to marry their women], made elaborate preparations for the celebration of games in honour of "Equestrian Neptune," which he called "the Consualia." He ordered public notice of the spectacle to be given amongst the adjoining cities, and his people supported him in making the celebration as magnificent as their knowledge and resources allowed, so that expectations were raised to the highest pitch. There was a great gathering; people were eager to see the new City, all their nearest neighbours-the people of Caenina, Antemnae, and Crustumerium-were there, and the whole Sabine population came, with their wives and families. They were invited to accept hospitality at the different houses, and after examining the situation of the City, its walls and the large number of dwelling-houses it included, they were astonished at the rapidity with which the Roman State had grown.

When the hour for the games had come, and their eyes and minds were alike riveted on the spectacle before them, the preconcerted signal was given and the Roman youth dashed in all directions to carry off the maidens who were present.
Livy Bk I

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