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September 9

Ludi Romani - The Ludi Romani or Ludi Magni

(September 5-19) were held to honor Jupiter Optimus Maximus whose temple was dedicated on September 13, 509 (Source: Scullard). The games were organized by the curule aediles and were divided into ludi circenses and luci scaenici. They started with a procession to the Circus Maximus. In the procession were young men, some on horseback, charioteers, the almost naked competing athletes, spear carrying dancers to flute and lyre players, satyr and Silenoi impersonators, musicians and incense burners, followed by images of the gods and once mortal divine heroes, and sacrificial animals. The games included horse-drawn chariot races, foot races, boxing, wrestling, and more.

ante diem V Idus September
Asclepigenia celebrated in in Greece. (Greek dates are very approximate.)
A.D. 9 - Battle of the Teutoberg Wald - Varus loses
A.D. 214 or 215 Emperor Aurelian born
A.D. 384 Emperor Flavius Honorius born, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Word of the Day

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