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- A Timeline showing the chronology of events and people featured on the ancient / classical history site
Dateline: 03/23/99


Knowing what happened before and after has always seemed more important than knowing exactly when an event occurred. Perhaps that's why I gravitate towards ancient history -- so many dates are approximate. Following the advice of readers, I am organizing my Greco-Roman non-mythological features chronologically by century (except the first segment of my timeline will include the period from 1000-601 B.C. and the last, people and events from 201-476 A.D.). This reference tool will not substitute for the many and varied timelines collected in the Ancient/Classical History timelines library.
To avoid confusion, this timeline will be called a chronoscope. A colored bar with the relevant century highlighted will accompany all future non-mythological Greco-Roman features.

Centuries and the related features
vertical chronoscope
The Olympics
Homeric Questions II, Homeric Questions IV, Homeric Questions VI, and Homeric Questions VIII.

1000-601 B.C.

600-501 B.C.
Presocratics, Pythagoras, Aeschylus
Sophocles, Euripides, Greek Historians, Aspasia of Miletus

500-401 B.C.
Greek Historians
Four Humors[Hippocrates]
Stoics, Epicurus

400-301 B.C.
Stoics, Epicurus
Carthago Delenda Est [1st Punic War], 2d Punic War

300-201 B.C.
3d Punic War
A Funny Thing Happened [Plautus]

200-101 B.C.
Greek Historians
May You Live in Interesting Times, Shakespeare's Caesar, Great Caesar
Augustus, Augustan Age, Art of Love [Ovid], Livy
The Last Pharaoh

100-1 B.C.
Greek Historians Augustus, Augustan Age, Art of Love, Livy
Another Joseph and Mary

0-99 A.D.
Hippocrates and Galen

100-199 A.D.

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