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A.D. The Abbreviation Used in Dates for Anno Domini
Definition: A.D. is a Latin abbreviation for Anno Domini 'in the year of our Lord,' or , more fully, anno domini nostri Jesu Christi 'the year of our Lord Jesus Christ.'.
When Do You Use A.D. Vs. C.E. In History? - Ancient/Classical History
The year 2010 C.E. is the equivalent of A.D. 2010. A.D. precedes the date, C.E. follows. The choice may be up to you, your teacher, or your stylebook. C.E. is ...
What Do the Initials AD (A.D.) Stand For? - Archaeology - About.com
The initials A.D. (used with or without periods) is an abbreviation for the Latin.
Definition and Origins of AD, or Anno Domini - Medieval History
Definition: A.D. is the abbreviation for Anno Domine, which is Latin for "Year of Our Lord." The term has long been used to indicate the number of years that have  ...
What Does A.D. Mean in the Dating System? - European History
Definition: 1. Abbreviation for Anno Domini - Latin for The Year Of Our Lord - used in the Gregorian Calendar to refer to the current era. A date such as 1945 A.D. ...
Is It Better to Use CE & BCE or AD & BC? - Agnosticism / Atheism
There is a trend among scholars towards using BCE and CE as year markers rather than BC and AD. As abbreviations for Before the Common Era and Common ...
What Is Ad-Hoc Mode in Wireless Networking? - About.com
In computer networking, ad hoc mode refers to the ability of wireless devices to communicate directly with each other. Ad hoc wireless networks are used for ...
Ad Valorem Tax - Definition and Examples - Tax Planning - About.com
Ad valorem simply means “according to worth.” The term ad valorem can apply to any tax, fee, or duty that is charged as a percentage of the value of products, ...
What Is an Ad Hoc Wireless Network? - Mobile Office Technology
Definition: An ad hoc network is a type of temporary computer-to-computer connection. In ad hoc mode, you can set up a wireless connection directly to another ...
Dust Veil of AD 536 - Archaeology - About.com
The dust veil of AD 536 was a period of a year to 18 months when the world experienced some kind of calamity, and historic records and dendrochronological ...
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