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Athenian General Alcibiades of the Peloponnesian War
Alcibiades was an Athenian politician and general in the Peloponnesian War. After the death of his father in 447, he was brought up by Pericles and Pericles's ...
Plutarch's life of Alcibiades - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Alcibiades, as it is supposed, was anciently descended from Eurysaces, the son of Ajax, by his father's side; and by his mother's side from Alcmaeon. Dinomache  ...
Alcibiades - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A relative of Pericles and a student of Socrates, Alcibiades (c. 450–404) was an Athenian military leader and statesman. During Athens' preparations for the ...
Timeline of Battles and Treaties in Peloponnesian War
Under the advice of Alcibiades, Sparta invades Attica, occupying the town of Decelea near Athens [source: Jona Lendering]. Athens continues to send ships and ...
2013 Alcibiades and Phoenix Stakes - Horse Racing - About.com
My Conquestadory won the 2013 Darley Alcibiades Stakes at Keeneland by a length over longshot Rosalind. Also on the card, Sum of the Parts won the ...
Nicias - Athenian General of the 5th Century B.C.
For a while it seemed likely that either Alcibiades or Nicias would be ostracised, and the whole of Athens was divided into two factions. However, but Alcibiades ...
2012 Alcibiades and Phoenix Stakes - Horse Racing - About.com
Spring in the Air won the 2012 Darley Alcibiades Stakes at Keeneland by a length over longshot Broken Spell. Also on the card, Sum of the Parts won the ...
Lysander - Spartan General - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
When Alcibiades rejoined the Athenian side towards the end of the Peloponnesian War, Lysander was put in charge of the Spartan fleet in the Aegean, based at ...
2011 Alcibiades and Phoenix Stakes - Horse Racing - About.com
Stephanie's Kitten won the 2011 Darley Alcibiades Stakes at Keeneland by 2 1/4 lengths over pacesetter Heart of Destiny. Also on the card, Hoofit won the ...
Aspasia of Miletus - Prisoner of History, by Madeleine Henry
According to Madeleine Henry's work on Aspasia of Miletus, Prisoner of History , an Alcibiades was ostracized from Athens in 460 B.C. This Alcibiades was the ...
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