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Amazons - Women Warriors - Amazons - Ancient/Classical History
Legends about the amazons, the ancient women warriors, what we know about amazons from mythology, linguistics, archaeology, Strabo, and Herodotus.
Legends of the Amazons and the Legendary Heroes
About the mythological heroes who fought and conquered the Amazons.
Who Were the Amazons? Did They Really Exist?
Were the Amazons the legendary (1) archers with (2) partial mastectomies, as the Greek geographer Strabo (c. 64 B.C. - after A.D. 21) says? Or were they the ...
Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot - Species Profile - Birds - About.com
Orange-Winged Amazons make sweet and affectionate pets and bond closely to their owners. They have excellent speech abilities and a comical attitude that ...
Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots Profile - Birds - About.com
Double Yellow-Headed Amazons are quite large, measuring about 16 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers. Average Lifespan: 60+ years.
Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrots as Pets - Species Profile
If you're thinking of getting a Yellow Naped Amazon parrot, then do your research before bringing one home! Yellow Naped Amazons make wonderful pets, but ...
Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrots as Pets - Pet Birds - About.com
Beautiful and interesting, Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrots can be good pets for attentive owners. Read on to learn all about Lilac Crowned Amazons, and exactly  ...
Red Lored Amazon Parrots as Pets - Species Profile
Red Lored Amazons are charismatic birds who like to be with their owners. They bond quickly to human family members, and some seem to have a tendency to ...
Blue Fronted Amazon Parrots as Pets - Species Profile
Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot can make great pets. To learn all about Blue Fronted Amazons and how to care for them as pets, check out this species profile with ...
Amazon Parrots as Pets - Personality and Profile - Exotic Pets
There are several species of amazon parrots. Some of the most commonly species seen in the pet trade are double yellowheaded amazons, yellow naped ...
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