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Articles related to ancient astrology

Ancient Eclipses - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
According to an About.com Astrology Guide [URL = http://astrology.about.com/ library/weekly/aa101599.htm], then two court astrologers lost their heads because, ...
Star of Bethlehem and Dating the Birth of Jesus - Ancient/Classical ...
Jesus may have been born under the Star of Bethlehem, a comet that may have appeared in the spring of 5 B.C..
Ancient Civilizations and Astrology - About.com
An overview of astrology's earliest history found in the ruins of the distant past.
Ask the Rabbi - Jewish View of Astrology - Judaism - About.com
The following comes from an article entitled "Kabbalah and Astrology" by Rabbi Max ... Yet, Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical tradition, has sources that are  ...
Ancient Maya Astronomy - the Sun, Moon and Planets
Ancient Maya Astronomy: The ancient Maya were keen astronomers, recording and interpreting every aspect of the sky. As they believed that the will and actions  ...
Moon's Lore and the Moon's Meaning in Astrology
In ancient Egypt, this Sun-Moon switchover was embodied by the Sun god Ra and the Moon god Thoth. When the Sun god Ra journeyed into the underworld at  ...
The Rising Sign as astrological mask. - Astrology - About.com
Until the rise of Sun sign astrology in the early 20th century, the Rising sign was a dominant focus of interest. The Ancient Greeks popularized astrology among ...
Astrology Defined - About.com
Vicki Noble, from Shakti Woman: Ancient astrology was body based and biological. In the beginning it was a felt experience, but after the beginnings of ...
Astrology Never Lies - Suzanne White on Astrology
We know there is often wisdom in what is ancient. Astrology has been around a long time and continues to exist. Some people study it and are able to use it in ...
Astrology in Prehistory - About.com
Here you'll find articles and resources on Astrology in prehistoric times. ... Astrology in Ancient Iran and Mesopotamia, Part I · Well-researched article by ...
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