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Aristarchus (Ancient Astronomer) Encyclopedia Info
Aristarchus of Samos is an important ancient Greek astronomer. Aristarchus studied under Straton of Lampsacus, the successor of Theophrastos. Theophrastos ...
Greece - Greek Astronomy - Measurement - Solar System - Ancient ...
What are the names of the ancient constellations in Latin? What are the Latin ... Aristarchus was an ancient astronomer with a lunar crater named for him. Share.
Inventions and Discoveries of Ancient Greek Scientists
Here is a chronological list of the major ancient Greek scientists that focuses on ... Astronomy, which began with the organization of the stars into constellations, ...
Astronomy 101 - Early History of Astronomy - Space/Astronomy
... been people. Here, in lesson 1, we look at the early history of astronomy. We'll look at ancient astronomers and their contributions to the history of astronomy.
Ancient Maya Astronomy - the Sun, Moon and Planets
Ancient Maya Astronomy: The ancient Maya were keen astronomers, recording and interpreting every aspect of the sky. As they believed that the will and actions  ...
History of Astronomy & Space Exploration (Timeline)
The history of astronomy and space exploration timeline. ... Ancient History Through The Renaissance ... This was the primary astronomy text for 14 centuries.
Ancient Astronomical Observatories - About Archaeology
Stonehenge is arguably the best known ancient astronomical observatory in the world. This megalithic rock monument of 150 enormous stones was set in a ...
10 Amazing, Interesting and Strange Astronomy Facts
Even though man has studied the heavens for thousands of years, we still know very little about the Universe we live in. And as we continue to learn more, we ...
Ancient Civilizations and Astrology
At the Great Pyramids of Egypt (built 2600 BC), an astronomer discovered that a ... of Orion and Thuban, called the “Imperishable Star” by the ancient Egyptians.
Pythagoras Astronomy and Music Links - Ancient/Classical History
Sites about Pythagoras and the Pythagorean views on the cosmos and harmony. Links to material on the astronomy of Pythagoras and music.
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