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Aristarchus (Ancient Astronomer) Encyclopedia Info
Aristarchus of Samos is an important ancient Greek astronomer. Aristarchus studied under Straton of Lampsacus, the successor of Theophrastos. Theophrastos ...
Inventions and Discoveries of Ancient Greek Scientists
Here is a chronological list of the major ancient Greek scientists that focuses on ... Astronomy, which began with the organization of the stars into constellations, ...
Greece - Greek Astronomy - Measurement - Solar System - Ancient ...
Aristarchus was an ancient astronomer with a lunar crater named for him. Share ... The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient calculator referred to as the first ...
Ancient Maya Astronomy - the Sun, Moon and Planets
The Ancient Maya were gifted astronomers who were interested in every aspect of their skies. They painstakingly charted the movements of the Sun, Moon, ...
Astronomy 101 - Early History of Astronomy - Space and Astronomy
... been people. Here, in lesson 1, we look at the early history of astronomy. We'll look at ancient astronomers and their contributions to the history of astronomy.
History of Astronomy & Space Exploration (Timeline)
The history of astronomy and space exploration timeline. ... Ancient History Through The Renaissance ... This was the primary astronomy text for 14 centuries.
10 Amazing, Interesting and Strange Astronomy Facts
Here is a collection of amazing, interesting, and strange astronomy facts, in no ... by a supernova explosion in 1054 A.D. The Chinese and Arab astronomers at the time .... African-American History · American History · Ancient/Classic...
Ancient Astronomical Observatories - About Archaeology
Stonehenge is arguably the best known ancient astronomical observatory in the world. This megalithic rock monument of 150 enormous stones was set in a ...
Understanding Astronomy: Motion of the Stars
The magestic motions of the night sky were intimately familiar to ancient people. Today this familiarity has been lost (except by astronomy geeks), so you'll need ...
Ancient Civilizations and Astrology - About Astrology
Creation myths often came from observing the sky and seasons, with important rituals timed against an astronomical calendar. At Machu Picchu in Peru, ...
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