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Profile of the Greek God Apollo - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Learn about Apollo, a very popular Greek and Roman god, his passions, gifts to mankind, and association with the sun. Also learn about Apollo's application in ...
The God Apollo - Facts About the Olympians
Fast Facts About the Olympians > Apollo. Name: Greek - Apollo; Roman - Apollo. Family. Parents: Zeus (Jupiter) and Leto (Latona) Sibling: Artemis
Apollo - Greek God Picture Gallery - Ancient/Classical History
Pictures of the Greek god Apollo showing some of his many attributes and associations. As a poetry and music god, Apollo leads the Muses. It is because of  ...
Fast Facts on Apollo, Greek God of the Sun
Symbol or Attribute of Apollo: The Sun itself, the lyre (a type of musical instrument ), the bow, and the chariot he drives across the sky daily, borrowed from an ...
Greek God Apollo - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Apollo is the brother of Artemis and son of Zeus and Leda. Apollo was the god of prophecy, music, and healing. Asclepius was the son of Apollo.
Apollo - Olympian Gods of Ancient Greek Mythology
Most people know of Apollo only as a sun god, but he's much more. Apollo, sometimes called Phoebus with or without Apollo, is a Greek and Roman god with ...
Apollo, Greek God Apollo Picture Gallery - Ancient/Classical History
Apollo Statue. Apollo - Alun Salt at Flickr.com. Apollo . Ancient/Classical History Categories. Greek Myths & Legends · Ancient World Mythology & Pagan ...
Bulfinch's Version of the Story of Apollo and Daphne
The story of Apollo and Daphne, where Apollo is so despised that his love object would rather become a tree.
Symbols of the Greek God Apollo
A listing of the symbols of Apollo the god. ... a wreath and; branch of laurel. Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology via Theoi - Apollo ...
Apollo 1 Fire - Space/Astronomy - About.com
It was January 27, 1967 and the crew of Apollo/Saturn 204 (more commonly known as Apollo 1 mission) were training for the first crewed Apollo flight, an Earth ...
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