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Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Hunt - Profile
Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo. She is a goddess of transitions, a hunter, a virgin, and one of the goddesses who assists at childbirth. She was on the Trojan  ...
Artemis - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Artemis is called Diana in Roman mythology. Apollo and Artemis were twins and the offspring of Zeus and Leto.
Artemis - Fast Facts About the Olympians the Goddess Artemis
Name: Greek - Artemis; Roman - Diana. Family. Parents: Zeus and Leto Sibling: Apollo Mates: None Children: None. Role of Artemis: Artemis is a goddess of the  ...
Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Wild - Fast Facts - Greece Travel
Artemis, Greek goddess of wild things - a quick look at Artemis, her myths, attributes, and temple sites.
Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt - Paganism & Wicca - About.com
Artemis is a daughter of Zeus concieved during a romp with the Titan Leto, according to the Homeric Hymns. She was the Greek goddess of both hunting and ...
Artemis (Diana) - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Artemis, the sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus and Leto, is the virgin goddess of the hunt who also assists in childbirth. In the Iliad Book 21, she appears like ...
Artemis - About the Transitions Goddess Artemis
Artemis is a virginal hunting goddess who takes her modesty seriously. Artemis also smooths life's transitions or passages, like death and childbirth, although ...
Artemis (Diana) - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Artemis is the virgin goddess of the hunt who also assists in childbirth.
About the Greek Goddess Artemis - Ancient/Classical History
In Greek mythology, the goddess Artemis was the virgin goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology.
The Cult Statue of Artemis of Ephesus - Ancient/Classical History
Apr 4, 2012 ... Statues of the Ephesian Artemis are recognizable for their form. There are specifics to look for, although you may not find each of them on every ...
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