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A Profile of Attila the Hun - the Scourge of God
Profile of one of ancient Rome's major enemies, Attila the Hun. Attila was the leader of the Huns and was also known as the Scourge of God.
The Night Attila Died - Solving the Murder - Ancient/Classical History
How exactly Attila died is no longer available in the historical record, but between clues of a failed attempt and a cover-up, parallel death scenes in other ...
Attila the Hun Portraits - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Collection of book jackets cover showing Attila the Scourge of God.
Attila the Hun - The Scourge of God - Medieval History - About.com
Attila was the leader of the Huns in the fifth century and played a significant role in the history of the late Roman Empire..
Attila the Hun Biography - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A barbarian to the Romans, Attila, a fierce warrior and king of the horse-riding Huns, harassed the Roman Empire during the fifth century and put the fear of god  ...
Attila the Hun Timeline - Asian History - About.com
This timeline shows the significant events in the history of the Huns, with emphasis on the reign of Attila the Hun, in a simple one-page format. For a more detail, ...
Attila may have died from an esophageal hemorrhoid - Ancient ...
The following email from a reader came in response to articles on this site on Attila the Hun and his manner of death. This site's Attila biography states the ...
Attila the Hun Timeline - Asian History - About.com
Timeline of Attila the Hun, other eras in the history of the Huns, and events surrounding the fall of the Roman Empire.
How Did Attila the Hun Die? - Classical History
There are so many mysteries of ancient history and the cause of the death of Attila is just one of them.
Attila the Hun - Attila - The Scourge of Europe
Resources on Attila the Hun. Attila became king (c. 433-53) and led the Huns on a devastating course through Europe for which reason Attila and the Huns are ...
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