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Who Was the Emperor Augustus?
Augustus is the name we use for the first Roman emperor.
Augustus Caesar - The First Roman Emperor
The life of the first princeps of Rome, Augustus, also commonly known as Octavian, the adopted son of Julius Caesar. Return to Augustus Index.
Augustus - The Rise to Power - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Augustus, a fascinating and controversial man, may have been the most important figure in Roman history. Through his long life (63 B.C. - A.D. 14) and deeds, ...
Augustus and the Augustan Age of the Roman Empire
"Whereas external and deathless Nature has vouchsafed to men, as the greatest good and bringer of overwhelming benefaction, the emperor Augustus; the ...
Augustus - Roman Emperor - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Augustus was born in Velitrae, southeast of Rome. His father (d. 59 B.C.) was a Senator who became Praetor. His mother, Atia, was the niece of Julius Caesar.
Augustus - Timeline of Augustus
A look at the life of Augustus that highlights major events on a 4-step timeline.
Augustus - Picture of the Roman Emperor Augustus
Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus or Augustus was born on September 23, 63 B.C. He died on August 19, A.D. 14. He was the first emperor of Rome, which was a ...
Caesar Augustus - First Roman Emperor - Christianity - About.com
Caesar Augustus was the first emperor in the ancient Roman Empire. Discover how improvements made by Caesar Augustus later helped Christianity spread.
Augustus - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Augustus Caesar. The life of the first emperor of Rome, Augustus, also commonly known as Octavian, the adopted son of Julius Caesar.
Octavianus - Becomes the First Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar
The rise to power of Octavianus who became known as the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar.
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