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BIOS (What It Is and How To Use It) - PC Support - About.com
BIOS, an acronym for Basic Input Output System, is software that controls basic computer hardware functions. BIOS is stored on a motherboard chip.
Locate and Navigate to the Boot Order Options in BIOS (Step 3 of 7)
Change Boot Order Step #3: Find the boot order or boot sequence option in BIOS .
How To Access the BIOS Setup Utility (How To Enter BIOS)
You may need to access the BIOS setup utility for a number of reasons like managing memory settings, configuring a new hard drive, changing the boot order, ...
How To Change the Boot Order (Boot Sequence) in BIOS - PC Support
Detailed tutorial on how to change the boot order in BIOS. A change to the boot sequence will change the order in which devices are booted from.
Save Changes to the BIOS Setup Utility (Step 5 of 7) - PC Support
Before your boot order changes take effect, you will need to save the BIOS ... To save your changes, follow the instructions given to you in your BIOS utility to ...
Enter the BIOS Setup Utility (Step 2 of 7) - PC Support - About.com
Change Boot Order Step #2: Access the BIOS setup utility.
BIOS Access Keys for Computer Systems (Lenovo, Sony, HP, Dell ...
List of BIOS access keys for major computer systems from Gateway, Toshiba, Dell , Sony, eMachines, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and more.
BIOS Access Keys for Popular Motherboards (ASUS, MSI - PC Support
If you've tried the basic steps for accessing your motherboard's BIOS and haven't been successful - don't worry. This list of keyboard commands to enter BIOS ...
BIOS Settings - Accessing, CPU and Memory Timings - PC Reviews
Article looking at how to configure the proper CPU and Memory BIOS settings on a newly constructed computer system from components by the About PC ...
Confirm Boot Order Changes and Exit BIOS (Step 6 of 7) - PC Support
Change Boot Order Step #6: Confirm that you'd like to save the changes you've made in BIOS.
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