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Roman Emperor Caracalla - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Born in Lugdunum (Lyons), the Roman emperor known as Caracalla (April 4, 188 - April 8, 217), was probably originally named Lucius Septimius Bassianus, but ...
Edict of Caracalla - Constitutio Antoniniana - Ancient/Classical History
The Constitutio Antoniniana or Edict of Caracalla granted Roman citizenship throughout the Roman Empire in A.D. 212.
Roman Emperor Caracalla - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Caracalla succeeded his father Septimius Severus to the throne.
Caracalla - Roman Emperor Caracalla - Ancient/Classical History
Severan Dynasty showing Caracalla's parents, Julia Domna and Septimius Severus, Caracalla, and a rubbed out spot where Caracalla's brother Geta was once.
Baths of Caracalla - Pictures of the Baths of Caracalla
Apr 6, 2009 ... Here are pictures of the Baths of Caracalla before they were damaged by the earthquake of April 6, 2009.
Caracalla Therme: What to Expect at the Baths - Europe Travel
I highly recommend a visit to Caracalla Therme, a thermal bath complex in the spa town of Baden Baden, Germany. I spent an hour bathing in the various pools  ...
Mosaic From the Baths of Caracalla - Ancient/Classical History
Photo of part of a mosaic from the Baths of Caracalla.
Arches of the Baths of Caracalla
The Baths of Caracalla are about a mile in circumference and included mosaics, pillars, statues, and works of art that have been plundered through the centuries ...
Features of the Baths of Caracalla Compound
According to Baths of Caracalla, the Baths of Caracalla were dedicated in 216 and served for 300 years, until Genseric the Vandal attacked in A.D. 537.
Statue of Emperor Caracalla - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Head of Caracalla at the Louvre. Caracalla succeeded Septimius Severus to the imperial throne in 211. He carried out a blood bath and bought the affection of ...
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