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Demeter - The Greek Goddess Demeter - Ancient/Classical History
Demeter is the Greek goddess of grain. Ceres is the Latin name for Demeter. The Eleusinian Mysteries celebrate the rites of Demeter and her daughter ...
Ceres - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Ceres. ... Image 4 of 6. Ceres - Demeter. Ceres - Clipart.com. Ceres. Clipart.com. Gallery. Our Expert Recommends. Profile of Demeter · Thesmophoria - Harvest ...
Demeter - Greek Goddess of Grain - Demeter was called Ceres by ...
Information on the grain goddess Demeter. Demeter is the Greek goddess of grain and Ceres is the name by which the Romans knew her.
Ceres - The Discovery of Asteroid Ceres - Space and Astronomy
The Texas-sized asteroid Ceres, about 930 kilometers (580 miles) across, was the first asteroid ever detected. Ceres was identified in 1801 by astronomer ...
Ceres - Space and Astronomy - About.com
The first asteroid to be discovered, Ceres is by far the largest and most massive body in the main asteroid belt, totalling about a third of the total mass of the ...
Ceres Pictures Gallery - Space and Astronomy - About.com
Known by astronomers as 1 Ceres, it was the very first minor planet discovered. As big across as Texas, Ceres' nearly spherical body has a differentiated interior  ...
Ceres Pictures Gallery - Space and Astronomy - About.com
Ceres Pictures Gallery - Largest Asteroid May Be Mini Planet with Water Ice - NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took these images of Ceres during its 9-hour ...
Ceres Pictures Gallery - Color View of Ceres - Space and Astronomy
Astronomers enhanced the sharpness in these Advanced Camera for Surveys images to bring out features on Ceres' surface, including brighter and darker ...
Ceres Pictures Gallery - Space and Astronomy - About.com
Ceres Pictures Gallery - Hubble Images of Asteroids Help Astronomers Prepare for Spacecraft Visit - These Hubble Space Telescope images of Vesta and ...
Ceres Pictures Gallery - Ceres' Layers - Space and Astronomy
Ceres Pictures Gallery - Ceres' Layers - Ceres may have a "differentiated interior, " with a rocky inner core, a thick water-ice mantle, and a thin, dusty outer crust.
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