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Early Church Figures - Profiles - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Biographies and other information on leading figures in the early church, inclduding church fathers as well as those labeled as heretics.
Early Church and Classical Christianity - Ancient/Classical History
Ante-Nicene fathers of the early Church and men who led heretical movements.
Heresy - Early Church Heresies and Heretics
Heresy. Heresies and heretics of the early Church. ... Early Church Heresies Heretics - Heresy. Heresy. Heresies and heretics of the early Church.
Stoning Death of Stephen - Bible Story Summary
The death of Stephen marked a turning point in Christianity. See why the stoning of Stephen triggered explosive growth of the early church.
The Early Church at Rome - The Bible - About.com
Learn about the church Paul risked everything to serve.
Early Church Administration & Papal Elections: When Popes were ...
Many people imagine that the current structure and administration of the Catholic Church today is very much like it has always been, but that's not the case. Early ...
8 Saints of the Early Christian Church - Ancient/Classical History
The following are some of the men and women who were canonized by the Christian church. In the early years, the process of canonization wasn't what it is ...
Early Church - Documents - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Documents of the early church, including the didache, creeds, canons, councils, decrees, and epistles.
Apostolic See - Christian - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Definition: In the early Church there were five major centers or sees of Christianity. These five sees are known as the Apostolic Sees because they were said to ...
When Were the 10 Christian Persecutions in the Early Church
List of the ten persecutions of Christians in the Early Church.
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