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Ecumenical Councils - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A list of the Ecumenical Councils of the Church with the name of the council, its number, dates, and the presiding pope.
The Council of Nicea and the Arian Controversy
A council is an assembly of theologians and church dignitaries called together to discuss the doctrine of the church. There have been 21 councils of what ...
Church History - Early Christianity Church History
There have been 21 councils of the Catholic Church. A council is an assembly of theologians and church dignitaries called together to discuss the doctrine of the ...
Timelines of Christian History: Christian Councils
364, The Church Council of Laodicea ordered that religious observances were to be conducted on Sunday, not Saturday. Sunday became the new Sabbath:.
Ecumenical Councils - Significant meetings of the Christian Church
Ecumenical Councils considered matters of church-wide importance, such as holy days, the adoption of creeds, and specific heresies. Any decrees made by the ...
Council of Constantinople - Atheism and Agnosticism from About.com
Definition: During the history of Christianity, four different ecumenical church councils were held in the city of Constantinople: First Council of Constantinople:
Early Church Administration & Papal Elections: When Popes were ...
The bishop of Rome did not have the Roman Curia to govern other churches. He did not call for church councils or write encyclicals. Pope Sylvester I (314 - 335) ...
Council of Trent - Atheism and Agnosticism from About.com
Because of the issues addressed and context of the meetings, the Council of Trent became one of the most important in church history, leading to the creation of ...
The Nicene Creed Christian Statement of Faith
In 381, the Second Ecumenical Council of Christian churches added the balance of the text (except for the words "and from the Son"). This version is still used ...
Council of Chalcedon - Important Ecumenical Council
The fourth ecumenical council of the Christian Church was held at the city of Chalcedon.
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