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Latin Nouns of the First Declension - Endings - Ancient/Classical ...
The ending on first declension nouns is characterized by an "a." With many Latin adjectives, there are three forms, e.g., unus, una, unum (one). The one with the ...
Quiz on the First and Second Declensions in Latin
Quiz on the First and Second Declension in Latin.: declension nouns chamber pots singular plural latin font declensions.
Latin First Declension Examples - Paradigms of First Declension ...
Singular, Plural. Nominative, incola, incolae. Genitive, incolae, incolarum. Dative, incolae, incolis. Accusative, incolam, incolas. Ablative, incola, incolis ...
Latin Nouns of the Second Declension - Endings
The Cases and Endings of 2nd Declension Latin Nouns ... While first declension nouns end in "-a", second declension nouns (masculine, since we've dispensed ...
Latin Adjectives for Masculine 1st Declension Nouns
In Latin, nouns and adjectives must agree in gender, number, and case. Most, but not all nouns of the first declension are feminine. Common feminine first ...
Latin Adjectives 1st and 2nd Declension - Ancient/Classical History
The declension of Latin adjectives in the first and second declension.
Latin First Declension Examples - Paradigms of Nouns
Examples of third declension nouns.: declension nouns singular plural dative accusative genitive.
The Endings on Latin Nouns of the Third Declension
A good bet for a Latin noun whose nominative singular ends in -a is that it is a feminine noun of the First Declension. Likewise, a noun ending in -us in the ...
Learning and Memorizing Latin Declension Endings
[Note: some very common words are in the 4th and 5th declension.] The following suggestions are based on the idea that once you have the first three down, the ...
Latin 1st Conjugation Verbs - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Noting this "a" (a thematic vowel) should help you to distinguish verbs of the first conjugation from those of the second, third, or fourth conjugations.
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