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City Dionysia - Ancient Athenian Festival - Ancient/Classical History
The City Dionysia was a major state-sponsored festival, in ancient Athens, featuring dramatic competitions. In addition to the major City Dionysia, there was also ...
Great Dionysia - City Dionysia - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Great Dionysia or City Dionysia was a major Ancient Greek religious festival where dramatists presented their plays.
Aristophanes and Old Comedy - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Comedies were performed at religious fertility festivals in honor of Dionysus, in the month of Elaphebolion, at the City Dionysia (or Great Dionysia) and in the ...
Aeschylus - Greek Tragedy Writer Profile - Ancient/Classical History
The smaller figure may refer to prizes Aeschylus won at the Great Dionysia, and the larger figure to prizes he won there and also at other smaller festivals.
Dionysus - The Greek God - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The major festival at which the competitive tetralogies (three tragedies and a satyr play) were performed was the City Dionysia. This was an important annual ...
Classical Greek Tragedy - The House of Atreus
While the Dionysia festival was in honor of a fertility and wine god, either of which is usually the divine sponsor of exuberant, often drunken behavior, tragedy (to ...
Study Guide for "The Bacchae" - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
It was called the Great or City Dionysia. Although the festival honored Dionysus, the playwrights who competed wrote on a wide variety of topics, usually from ...
Choregus - What Was a Choregus - Ancient/Classical History
The choregus was responsible for the performance of Greek drama at the Athenian dramatic festival, the City Dionysia.
Cleisthenes' Creation of the Ten Tribes of Athens
Pisistratus is credited with bringing rural festivals honoring the god of revelry, Dionysus, into the city, thereby creating the extremely popular Great Dionysia or ...
Tetralogy - Definition of a Tetralogy - Ancient/Classical History
A tetralogy was a group of four plays at the City Dionysia, a Greek dramatic competition.
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