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What Is a Dithyramb? - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A dithyramb was a choral hymn sung by fifty men or boys, under the leadership of an exarchon, to honor Dionysus. The dithyramb became a feature of Greek ...
City Dionysia - Ancient Athenian Festival - Ancient/Classical History
... according to Rabinowitz. The ceremonies started at dawn in the outdoor theater, with purification and lustrations, followed by a dithyramb, and then the plays.
Index of Aristotle's Tragedy Terminology - Requirements for Greek ...
A dithyramb was a choral hymn (hymn performed by a chorus), in ancient Greek tragedy, sung by ... By the fifth century B.C. there were dithyramb competitions.
Choral Lyric Poetry - Archaic Greek Choral Lyric
... The lament or dirge (threnos),; The paean of praise to a god,; The maiden song (partheneion),; The processional (prosodion),; The hymn, and; The dithyramb.
Ancient Greek Theater, An Introduction - Plays and Drama - About.com
... 6th century B.C. Thespis is "customarily credited with transforming the dithyramb into tragedy by stepping out of the dithyrambic chorus and becoming an actor.
Ancient/Classical History: Ancient Greek Actors, greek actors, bright ...
Jan 24, 2005 ... QUESTION:“Who were the actors ?” ANSWER: First of all I must tell you that at first in dithyramb, from which Greek theatre derives, there were...
Theater - Greek Theater - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Information on the Greek theater, tragedy, and comedy.
Early Greek Poets Timeline - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
... poetry were marriage song (hymenaios), dancing song, dirge (threnos), paean, maiden song (partheneion), processional (prosodion), hymn, and dithyramb. 2.
Greek Tragedy - Setting the Stage
"Be that as it may, Tragedy - as also Comedy - was at first mere improvisation. The one originated with the authors of the Dithyramb, the other with those of the ...
Chorus Definition and Meaning in Music
These lyric hymns are known as dithyramb. During the 6th century B.C. Thespis, a poet also known as "the inventor of tragedy," was said to be instrumental for ...
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