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What Is a Dithyramb? - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A dithyramb was a choral hymn sung by fifty men or boys, under the leadership of an exarchon, to honor Dionysus. The dithyramb became a feature of Greek ...
City Dionysia - Ancient Athenian Festival - Ancient/Classical History
dithyrambs,; comedies, and; tragedies. ... started at dawn in the outdoor theater, with purification and lustrations, followed by a dithyramb, and then the plays.
Index of Aristotle's Tragedy Terminology - Requirements for Greek ...
A dithyramb was a choral hymn (hymn performed by a chorus), in ancient Greek tragedy, sung by 50 men or boys to honor Dionysus. By the fifth century B.C. ...
Ancient Greek Theater, An Introduction - Plays and Drama - About.com
... 6th century B.C. Thespis is "customarily credited with transforming the dithyramb into tragedy by stepping out of the dithyrambic chorus and becoming an actor.
Ancient/Classical History: Ancient Greek Theatre ... - AllExperts
Aug 22, 2006 ... ... though originally (7th century BC) there was also another type called Dithyramb , which however had no actors and was simply a hymn sung ...
Choral Lyric Poetry - Archaic Greek Choral Lyric
... The lament or dirge (threnos),; The paean of praise to a god,; The maiden song (partheneion),; The processional (prosodion),; The hymn, and; The dithyramb.
Ancient/Classical History: Ancient Greek Actors, greek actors, bright ...
Jan 24, 2005 ... QUESTION:“Who were the actors ?” ANSWER: First of all I must tell you that at first in dithyramb, from which Greek theatre derives, there were...
Early Greek Poets Timeline - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
... poetry were marriage song (hymenaios), dancing song, dirge (threnos), paean, maiden song (partheneion), processional (prosodion), hymn, and dithyramb. 2.
Theater - Greek Theater - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Information on the Greek theater, tragedy, and comedy.
Aeschylus - Learn About the Plays of Aeschylus
He recognizes, it is true, a long process of growth, with several stages, from the dithyramb to the drama; and it is not difficult to see what these stages were.
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