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Important Facts About the Greek Theater and Drama
The dramatic festivals were centered around competitions, agones. ... The first competition is thought to have been held in 535 B.C. at which time Thespis, the ...
About the Greek Playwright Sophocles - Ancient/Classical History
In 468, Sophocles defeated the first of the the three great Greek tragedians, Aeschylus, in a dramatic competition; then in 441, the third of the tragedian trio, ...
City Dionysia - Ancient Athenian Festival - Ancient/Classical History
The City Dionysia was a major state-sponsored festival, in ancient Athens, featuring dramatic competitions. In addition to the major City Dionysia, there was also ...
Playwriting Contests - Plays/Drama - About.com
A month-by-month annotated list of playwriting contests. There's a wide variety to choose from. Some competitions offer cash prizes. Most offer a staged ...
May Playwriting Contests - Playwright Competitions - Plays/Drama
So they can submit their dramatic literature to playwriting competitions and be discovered! Well, it's the perfect month for the world to witness your genius.
Greek Tragedy - Setting the Stage
484-407/406) day. A century earlier, in the 6th century, when the first dramatic competition was held, there was only 1 actor whose role was to interact with the ...
April Playwriting Contests - Playwright Competitions - Plays/Drama
April Playwriting Contests - Playwriting Competitions. ... Larry Corse encourages playwrights to create challenging and compelling dramatic literature.
December Playwriting Contests - Playwright ... - Plays/Drama
Each year, they offer scores of new dramatic works. Each year, the Shubert Fendrich Playwriting Contest seeks an exceptional play suitable for educational and ...
Sophocles - 496- - Classic Literature - About.com
dramatic competitions, religion and morality, dramatic possibilities, tragic poet, greek empire, greek tragedy, dramatic competition, chief interest, classic literature ...
Roman Theater - History of Theatre in Ancient Rome - Plays/Drama
They loved to watch combat, and considering their admiration for blood sports and gladiator competition, we can imagine that the more realistic the violence, the ...
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