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Articles related to earthquakes

Learn the Basics of Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Start here for the seismic basics: faults that cause earthquakes, types of seismic waves, damages they cause and more.
An Overview of Earthquakes - Geography - About.com
A thorough overview of earthquakes and earthquake facts from the About.com Geography site and intern Amanda Briney.
Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Earthquake facts, hazards, preparedness and prediction.
Earthquakes - A Seismograph Measures Earthquakes - Inventors
History of the seismograph and earthquake measurement.
What Causes an Earthquake in Greece? - Greece Travel - About.com
The Institute of Geodynamics in Greece lists recent earthquake data on its website, which offers both a Greek- and English-language version. They show the ...
Measuring Earthquake Magnitudes - Geology - About.com
These days, an earthquake happens and right away it is on the news, including its magnitude. Instant earthquake magnitudes seem as routine an achievement ...
Fire and Ice: Melting Glaciers Trigger Earthquakes, Tsunamis and ...
Melting glaciers caused by global warming will lead to an increasing number of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, according to geologists who have  ...
Articles on Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Features about earthquakes, seismology, and related phenomena from your About Geology Guide.
Current Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Directions to information and data from earthquakes as fast as possible.
Deep Earthquakes - Why They Happen - Geology - About.com
Deep earthquakes were discovered in the 1920s, but they remain a subject of contention today. The reason is simple: they aren't supposed to happen. Yet they  ...
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