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History and Definition of the Edict of Milan
The Edict of Milan was granted by Emperor Constantine the Great in the West and Licinius Augustus in the East in 313 granting religious freedom throughout the ...
Edict of Caracalla - Constitutio Antoniniana - Ancient/Classical History
The Constitutio Antoniniana or Edict of Caracalla granted Roman citizenship throughout the Roman Empire in A.D. 212.
Ashoka the Great 3rd Century B.C. Buddhist King of India
Early on, he was known for his cruelty, but later, for his great acts and edicts. He emphasized ahimsā, Ghandi-style non-violence (Korom) and tolerance for other  ...
52 Edicts of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh - Sikhism - About.com
The Sikhism code of conduct. Reht Maryada, is based on 52 hukams or edicts issued by Tenth Guru Gobind Singh in 1708 in Nanded and sent to the Sikhs ...
Background to the French Revolution Pre-1789 - European History
May 8: The May Edicts remodel the parlements, giving much of their power to new courts. • June - July: The 'Noble Revolt' against the May Edicts. • June 7: ' Day ...
Taliban Decrees and Prohibitions Against Women
Sep 7, 2008 ... In 1996, when the Taliban took over large portions of Afghanistan, it imposed strict and severe religious decrees and prohibitions on the ...
All About Guru Gobind Singh - Contributions and Legacy of 10th Guru
These edicts are the foundation on which the current code of conduct and conventions are based. The tenth guru also wrote hymns praising the virtues of Khalsa ...
Ashoka the Great - Asian History - About.com
They did not connect the ruler Ashoka, grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, to the stone pillars inscribed with edicts that are sprinkled all around the edges of ...
Most Important People to Know About in Ancient History
He also established contact with the Hellenistic world. Ashoka posted "the edicts of Ashoka" on great animal-topped pillars, chiseled in the ancient Brahmi script.
Constantine The Great - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Constantine proclaimed the Edict of Milan, in 313, granting religious freedom to all. This was a departure from previous emperor's persecutions of the Christians.
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