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Etymology - Roots of Words - Etymology - Ancient/Classical History
Etymology is the study of the meanings and roots of words. This etymology page focuses mainly on Latin and Greek origins of words, based on the parts and ...
Etymology and Word Histories - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Etymology of words particularly English words with roots in Latin and Greek.
The Etymology of Geometry Terms - Ancient/Classical History
What do those math terms mean? Here you can read about geometry terms. Knowing the etymology of these terms helps in understanding geometry.
Definition and Examples of Etymology - Grammar & Composition
Compiled by Douglas Harper, the Online Etymology Dictionary (at etymonline. com) is a free online dictionary that traces the origins of more than 30,000 English ...
Etymology Exercise - Exploring Word Origins
Look up each word in a good college dictionary (or an unabridged dictionary, if available), and then provide the following information about its etymology:.
Etymology (Origins of a Word) - Definition, Examples
The etymology of a word refers to its origin and historical development: that is, its earliest known use, its transmission from one language to another, and its ...
Definition of Etymology - Spanish Language - About.com
Definition of "etymology" in a glossary written primarily for people learning Spanish.
Semantic Change and the Etymological Fallacy: Why There's No ...
The etymological fallacy is the faulty argument that the "true" or "proper" definition of a word must be its oldest or original meaning. The truth is, because most ...
Etymological Fallacy - Grammar & Composition - About.com
Because the meanings of words change over time, a word's contemporary definition can't be established from its origin (or etymology). The best indicator of a ...
Neil Postman's Exercise in Etymology - Grammar & Composition
In this article, Neil Postman describes an engaging way of introducing students to etymology and the multicultural history of the English language.
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