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Middle Kingdom - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Middle Kingdom. Faience Hippo from the Middle Kingdom at the Louvre - Rama. Picture of a faience hippo from the Middle Kingdom at the Louvre.
Pottery in Egypt - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Glazed pottery resulted in such memorably brilliant material as the faience of the blue hippopotamus. Broken pottery vessels could be repaired using gypsum or ...
What Is Natron? (Use in Ancient Egypt) - Ancient/Classical History
Examples: Natron was also used in the production of faience. Source: "The Technique of Egyptian Fa´ence," by Joseph Veach Noble;American Journal of ...
Faience - The World's First High Tech Ceramic - Archaeology
Ancient faience is a manufactured material imitating bright colors and gloss of semi-precious gems first used in Egyptian jewelry about 5500 years ago.
Faience - Faience Pottery - About.com
Faience is a term used for tin-glazed ware. It is also sometimes used (incorrectly) for items made with Egyptian paste.
Quimper Faience Pottery History, Marks and Wares - Antiques
Quimper actually refers to more than one company that produced similar faience wares. Learn more about the history and marks associated with these ...
Rookwood Faience Tile - Antiques - About.com
Rookwood Faience Tile - Rookwood Pottery Prices, Values and Identification Guide.
Rookwood Faience Rondel Ship Scene Tile - Antiques - About.com
Rookwood Faience Rondel Ship Scene Tile - Rookwood Pottery Prices, Values and Identification Guide.
The Earliest Glass Material Manufacture - Archaeology - About.com
The technological leap in glass making called faience is essentially a modeling compound made of crushed quartz or silica sand, mixed with natron and salt, ...
Egyption Paste (Pottery) - History and Recipes - About.com
Egyptian paste (also known as Egyptian faience) is a self-glazing ceramic body. In other words, the glaze materials are included in the clay body. No further ...
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